the graduates of the BNICs Cognac Educator course 2022

Five new Official Cognac Educators announced for 2022 by the BNIC

After being accepted onto the official Cognac Educator program a few years ago it was a delight to finally get the all-clear for international travel for this prestigious course. There are only 80 Official Cognac Educators worldwide so it’s with pride we can say that The Mixing Class has got one in house!

Highlights of the course included incredible visits to some of our all-time favourites among the Cognac houses: Hine, Vaudon, Delamain, Bache Gabrielsen, Frapin, Martell. Truly, an incredible experience.

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The candidates for the BNIC’s “Cognac Educator 2022” accreditation arrived in Cognac on Monday 24 October from around the world, including Austria, Canada, China, France and Great Britain. Each of them was invited to the region for an immersive experience in the world of Cognac. During their stay, they visited several Cognac houses and producers and met with professionals passionate about promoting Cognac. To perfect their knowledge, they also took part in cocktail workshops and masterclasses. A series of written and oral exams, in front of a jury of professionals, concluded their four days in Cognac and enabled them to become true Cognac experts.


The purpose of the “Cognac Educator” programme, launched in 2010 by the BNIC, is to accredit French and international trend-setters who are committed to spreading knowledge about Cognac and its culture in their home country. For the past 12 years, “Cognac Educators” have been organising conferences on Cognac, taking part in trade fairs and participating in initiatives organised by the BNIC.

Their profiles vary from tutors, wine merchants, consultants, bartenders to journalists, teachers and more… The “Cognac Educator” programme has helped to accredit over 80 wine and spirits experts in 21 countries since it was created. “Cognac Educators” have organised more than 1,500 masterclasses and trained over 60,000 professionals in their home countries*, thus playing an active role in promoting the Cognac appellation around the world.

*Cayman Islands, Malaysia, Bahrain, Germany, Austria, Canada, China, United States, France, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Norway, Netherlands, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan and Ukraine.

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