Hannah Lanfear climbs the Bar World 100

Our own Hannah Lanfear climbs the BarWorld 100

Drinks International have released the ’22 edition of the BarWorld 100, their peer voted list of the 100 most influential folk in the cocktail & spirits industry. We’re pleased as a peach to have Hannah Lanfear climb the BarWorld100 to the lofty heights of #38.

It’s great to see our friend and hero, the wonderful Monica Berg top the list yet again. We’re huge fans of her work on Back Of House, a brilliant resource for implementing an anonymous feedback loop system in the workplace for bars.

It’s a pleasure to have our work recognised, both as The Mixing Class (alongside the wonderful Rose Brookman!) but also our work on industry diversity initiative Equal Measures UK. Everything we do wouldn’t be possible without our supporters who continue to study with us so thank YOU!

Have a peep into the mag to find a familiar face!

Bar World 100 digital edition

Hannah Lanfear on Drinks International BarWorld100

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