ADHD and neurodiversity in the cocktail industry

Cocktails & Spirits & ADHD: our seminar at Tales of the Cocktail ’21

Watch the full seminar here!

Our founder Hannah took a seminar to Tales of the Cocktail on the prevalence of ADHD in the cocktail industry. Outlining the importance of neurodiversity in the workplace, the seminar featured the INCREDIBLE Dr Nancy Doyle as the key speaker. Dr Nancy (who we love!!) is the world’s leading expert of neurodiversity in the workplace, and we were thrilled to learn she is one of our people – she had a spell of working in bars herself in her youth! She is also a regular columnist for Forbes mag, as well as the founder of Genius Within, a consultancy that helps employers better accommodate their neurodiverse team members.

Cocktails & Spirits & ADHD at Tales promotes the idea that having a neurodiverse team is a huge benefit to any cocktail business, and captures methods of improving accessibility in the workplace, including modes of learning and development, as well as compassionate models of management.

The seminar also features Chanel Adams who is a consultant bartender in Hong Kong, and the lovely Tom Egerton, a New Zealander also embedded in the bar industry in Hong Kong. They bravely shared their experiences of diagnosis, as well as their top tips for managing a scatty brain in our fast paced trade.

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