What'll it be BarLife UK podcast

What’ll It Be? The BarLife UK podcast ft. special guest Hannah Lanfear

Click here to hear notorious rascal Hannah opine on all matters drinks related!

Thank you to our friends at BarLife UK for the invite to come and shoot the breeze on this, their inaugural podcast!

Simon Webster and Andy Ives are BarLifeUK, a terrific resource for the cocktail industry, giving bartenders the cocktail and spirits news, as well as a hotline to all sorts of opportunities. They’ve been friends of ours since way back when – we’ve long loved their irreverent take on the news from the world of cocktails and spirits.

Their podcast ‘What’ll It Be?’ features folk from the cocktail industry with a format of feeding them a drink or two then asks them questions that reveals the mischievous individual behind their professional facade! You can find BarLifeUK here and all episodes of their brilliant podcast, made with the lovely Jennie Rae Chuter of CASK, are available here.

If listening in inspires you to get on board one of our acclaimed spirits courses then be sure to check our forthcoming dates here.

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